BCBC 2018 Part 4 and Materials Standards Updates

Date: March 21

Presenter: Andy Metten P. Eng., Struct. Eng., Bohlman & Partners

In December 2018 the British Columbia Building Code came into effect. For structural engineers this edition of the Code has several changes affecting our design buildings for vertical and seismic design. The 2018 edition brings in several updated material standards that will influence our structural design.

The first part of the seminar covered changes to Part 4 of the Code, and the second part covered changes in the referenced material standards. The seminar pointed out the revisions in the codes and standards we use and the effects of those changes on your structural designs. Topics covered included:

  • Why we can’t call up an A307 anchor bolt any more.
  • Why you can’t use a 10′ straightedge for measuring floor flatness.
  • How to design guard pickets so heads and bodies don’t get caught.Changes in the concrete code that will increase your column ties.
  • Changes in the seismic code for base shear calculation.
  • Why buildings with pallet storage racks may need thicker slabs for supporting the racks.
  • Many, many other things that will affect your day-to-day structural design practice.

This seminar included similar content to the seminar held in Victoria on Januarie 10.

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