Design with Hollow Structural Steel

Date: October 17, 2017

Presenter: Brad Fletcher, S.E., senior sales engineer at Atlas Tube

Hollow Structural Steel (HSS) designs have been routine since 1920’s. Current bold applications with curved, twisted and composite combinations are redefining the potential freedom of design expression offered by Hollow Structural Steel.

Bradlee Fletcher, SE from Atlas Tubes presented on technical design topics on current understanding to shape future trends with HSS:

  • The new ASTM A1085 specification adopted in early 2013 elevates the production of HSS to higher standards, raising the bar on the performance of HSS used in structures subjected to seismic and fatigue related loads.  With tighter material tolerances, a higher minimum yield stress, a required Charpy V-Notch test, and cap on the minimum yield stress, this new specification makes designing with HSS easier and more economical, especially for buildings and bridges subjected to fatigue and seismic loads.
  • De-mystifying HSS connections will highlight areas of HSS connection design often overlooked or misunderstood.  It will discuss similarities and the subtle differences between HSS connections and other types of connections for tension, shear, moment and truss applications.
  • Concrete-filled HSS tubes will provide overview on composite design details and tips for its successful applications.


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