2014/2015 Updates to NBCC and CSA Structural Design Standards

Date: January 16, 2015

Perry Adebar, P.Eng.
Svetlana Brzev, P.Eng.
Robert Malczyk, Struct. Eng.
Bill McEwen, P.Eng.
Andy Metten, Struct. Eng.
Grant Newfield, Struct. Eng.
Andrew Seeton, P.Eng.
John Sherstobitoff, P.Eng.
Carlos Ventura, P.Eng

This full day seminar presented updates found in NBCC 2015 Part 4, as well as the recently published updated CSA material design standards. Topics discussed included:

  • “When does it come into effect?” Consensus on application of codes and standards between code cycles.
  • NBCC 2015 Part 4: Updates to snow and wind loads, fire design, and requirements for structural drawings.
  • NBCC 2015 Part 4: Updated earthquake ground motions and commentary on time history record selection.
  • NBCC 2015 Part 4: Updated seismic base shear calculations.
  • ┬áNBCC 2015 Part 4: New section on base isolation and supplemental energy dissipation.
  • A23.3-14: Updates to Clause 21 (Seismic Design) in A23.3 Design of Concrete Structures.
  • S16-14: Updates to S16 Design of Steel Structures.
  • O86-14: Updates to O86 Engineering Design in Wood. Special focus on CLT and connection design aspects.
  • S304-14: Updates to S304 Design of Masonry Structures.

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