Seismic Risk Management of Non Structural Building Components – An Overview of CSA S832-14

Date: December 4, 2014

Presenter: Prof. Ghyslaine McClure; Eng., Ph.D. (Chair of CSA S832 Technical Committee)

Current (December 2014) structural design codes have stringent earthquake-resistant design requirements aimed at protecting life safety in the event of strong “design level” earthquakes. The structural frameworks of post-1990 buildings are deemed to be well protected. Although seismic design requirements for operational and functional components (OFCs) of buildings have been appearing in our National Building Code for several decades, experience indicates they have not been strictly enforced in practice until recent years, even in buildings with post-critical occupancy. Recent strong earthquakes have confirmed that seismic deficiencies in these components have costly consequences, in terms of direct and indirect financial losses, serious injuries, and loss of life.

CSA S832, the national standard on this topic introduced in 2006 (first Guideline in 2001), has been significantly revised this year’s 2014 edition. It provides a simple methodology to assess the seismic risk of OFCs in buildings – existing and new.

Prof. McClure’s presentation highlighted the need for seismic protection of OFCs. She will present an overview of the latest 2014 standard and display results of its application to Montreal public facilities. The talk will also clarify and discuss:

  • The scope of CSA S832-14 beyond NBCC
  • Why engineers should look into CSA S832 and not just depend on NBCC
  • Future role of the CSA S832 standard

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